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perle de tahiti
The first writings mentioned the Pearl date from 2300 years before JC and come from China. They describe it as a gift from nature. Symbol of Prestige, purity and sweetness, the Pearls has always seduced and conquered the hearts of men.

African Turquoise
turquoise africaine
Actually, the African turquoise is speckled jasper. It’s the stone of evolution by excellent It will bring you the confidence and necessary balance for your personal development and will help you to adopt a more optimistic view of life

The Ancient used to say that the Agate return its carrier invisible.
This precious stone has been admired throughout history across many different civilizations. Thanks to its beauty and durability, Agate stones were often incorporated into bracelets, rings, necklaces or inscribed to ancient kings, to ward off the evil eye.
  In the Ancient Egypt civilization, Agate was used as amulets, receptacles, and ornamental elements while the Romans wearing them on the rings.

Tiger Eye
oeil de tigre
Found in early 1800’s in South Africa, the Tiger Eye has been used by the warriors of various African tribes to emphasize their strength and courage.
Medicine men believe it brings them clarity

Lapis Lazuli
Its name comes from Latin Lapis which means Stone and Lazuli Blue. Lapis was one of the most precious materials in Egyptian culture, even more than gold. It reveals the inner truth and promotes self-awareness. Many ceremonial valuables have been made (beetles, king head dresses)
The Romans have designed statues and decoration objects with it.

la pyrite
It is a positive stone.
Excellent energy shield, low down to the earth the negative influences.
To draw on one’s reserves, Pyrite stone stimulate the spirit. It is a self-confidence stone.

The use of Hematite can be trace back 164.000 years as a means for cave painting.
When the hematite is broken, inside you’ll find a blood-red colour.
Hematite is said to help the wearer find confidence, courage and a strengthened willpower. It is a rare stone to have a metallic glowing.