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  • Colored ceramics

      Pearls shaped by the man combining finesse, elegance and colors by their original printing 

  • New World

    The « nouveau monde » collection is inspire by the beauty, strength and determination of the Jaguar, feline out of common who reigns in the New world. Our jewels are made to convey these values to ensure their originality and longevity

  • Memento mori

         The inspiration of this range is link to the juxtaposition between different cultures without distinction of identities

  • Sweetness and prestige

    The wide variety of natural colours released by the Tahiti pearls makes each of our jewellery unique and participates in their singularity

  • Serenity

    Awakened to the true, the Buddha has a large moral values and our jewellery wishes to call back and highlight those principles to those who carry them

  • Amérindien

    The Eagle’s pen cap is a distinctive sign of the social rank and our jewellery, through their quality, underlines the mythical and symbolic value of this parish.

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